Second Grade Supply List

Your student will need:

Pencils, #2, sharpened, all wood, 12 count (Ticonderoga or good quality pencils)3
Crayons, 24 count2
Color markers, 12 count2
Highlighter, yellow, chisel tip1
Black and white composition notebook2
Small dry erase board1
Marker, dry erase, chisel tip, low odor, black4
Glue stick, jumbo, washable, acid Free, white, 1.27oz.2
Scissors, 5”, pointed tip (for kids)1
Eraser, large, pink, latex free3
Pencil box, plastic1
Pocket folder blue (plastic)1
Pocket folder red (plastic)1
Pocket folder yellow (plastic)1
Pocket folder green (plastic)1
Headphones or earbuds (inexpensive)1
Sticky notes, yellow, 3x5, 100 count1
Facial tissues, large box4
Large bottle of hand sanitizer1
Disinfecting wipes, canister2
Gallon sized Ziploc bags2
Sandwich sized Ziploc bags2

Second Grade Team