Fourth Grade Supply List

All Students will need:

(1) 2 inch 3-ring binder

(1) Dividers, 3 ring,  with 5 tabs

(1) Pack of wide ruled notebook paper

(2)  Composition notebook

(2) 3-hole punched poly folders  (1 purple, 1 orange)

(1) Box of pencils with a hand-held sharpener  OR mechanical pencils with extra lead

(2) Eraser, large pink, latex free

(4) Stick on notes, 3” x 3”, yellow, 100 count, packs

(1) Colored pencils, sharpened, 12 count OR Crayons, 24 count

(1) Permanent marker (if there is not one at home)

(1) Headphones or Earbuds

*Additional supplies may be needed when students return to school.

Fourth Grade Team